CDC Issues New Guidance for Controlling Candida Auris; Navigator #62 Perisept Meets Criteria

The CDC has revised its daily and after discharge cleaning procedures to include an EPA-registered hospital grade sporicidal disinfectant that is effective against Clostridium difficile. SSS Navigator #62 Perisept fully meets this criteria. 

The CDC's call for a higher level of disinfection comes as a result of a new fungus presenting serious health concerns to patients at medical facilities in several northeastern states (NY, MA, MD, NJ) and Illinois: Candida auris. Already responsible for severe illnesses, and resistant to all major anti-fungal drugs, C. auris, is also able to persist on many surfaces and spread between patients in facilities, unlike most other fungal species.

This relatively new strain has also proved difficult to identify in facilities, and is often misidentified unless tested with specific equipment. As a result. the CDC is urging facilities to use products that have a higher level of disinfection and sporicidal claims in order to deal with this threat.

SSS Navigator #62 Perisept continues to be one of the best options for any facility looking to protect their patients and staff from the growing danger of HAIs.

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