Introducing The SSS Jaguar 20R Micro Rider Scrubber

Meet the newest member of our Triple S floor care line: The SSS Jaguar 20R Micro Rider Scrubber.

Super compact and highly maneuverable, the SSS Jaguar is perfect for cleaning titled floors, vinyl, sealed wood, marble, concrete and other surfaces while being 25-35% more effective than a walk behind scrubber.

  • The SSS Jaguar features one touch controls for ease of use. These controls allow users to operate the machine without ever taking their hands off the wheel improving safety.
  • The Jaguar 20R also runs at a quiet 69 decibel rating for cleaning sound sensitive environments.
  • Innovative ergonomics also offer users extended comfort for long periods of use. The 3-3.5 battery run time and efficient onboard charger also ensures your machine will be ready for prolonged use as well.

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The SSS Jaguar 20R Micro Rider Scrubber is available direct from your local Triple S distributor.

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