Why Us?

Why Us?

Triple S is a Member-owned national distribution services and logistics company that provides facility maintenance solutions to the healthcare, education, commercial, retail, government and building services contractor markets.

The Triple S Brand

Product Solutions You Can Rely On and Trust

Bringing you superior formulations and technology from the industry’s leading manufacturers, we offer a broad range of SSS brand products. Cleaners, tools, equipment and supplies that deliver more performance per budget dollar - every cleaning task, every day. If a product doesn't meet that test it can't carry the Triple S name...period.

Triple S Healthcare Training

Nowhere are standards higher than they are in Healthcare. Triple S is committed to providing not only exceptional products but also the training necessary to manage hospital acquired  infections (HAIs). 

HAI’s kill more people in the United States than car accidents and breast cancer combined, affecting 5-10% of patients annually and adding $30-$45 Billion in healthcare costs each year. 

Triple S has the education and training tools necessary to break the chain of infection to reduce HAI’s to increase patient safety and reduce operation costs.


Ask Us…We Know How

Your local Triple S distributor has the know-how. Whether you need assistance reducing healthcare acquired infections, improving compliance on hand hygiene, converting to a green cleaning program, maintaining your floors, eliminating restroom odors or complying with Federal HazCom regulations, your local Triple S distributor can show you how.

More Reasons Why

National Reach... Local Touch

175 Locations... 3 Regional Distribution Centers... 900 Field Reps

  • Whether you're responsible for one location or a hundred, we'll help you evaluate your purchases, review your order frequency, and understand your supply chain
  • National contract programs
  • Consistent local service and support - nationwide
  • Integrated supply chain solutions tailored to your needs
  • Single-source convenience that lets you simplify procurement, consoldiate billing and save time and money.

Lowest Total Cost Solutions

Would you rather save 10% of 90, or 10% of 10? Understanding labor comprises approximately 90% of a facility’s cleaning budget while the cost of products to clean and maintain a facility is 10%, our solutions are targeted at reducing your labor costs and improving your productivity. Your local Triple S Distributor is trained to provide you with the processes and products that will provide you with the lowest total cost to clean your facility.


Your local Triple S Distributor is capable of providing you with training on a variety of subjects and topics. To learn more, or to schedule a training session, please go to:

Schedule a Training

Cleaning Basics
Floor Care
Carpet Care
Restroom Care
Wood Floor Care
Hand Hygiene
GHS Compliance
Bloodborne Pathogens
and More...


Triple S has affiliations with many of the leading organizations in our industry:

Industry Affiliations

3rd Party Affiliations

Group Purchasing Organizations