All Things Contracted and Purchasing Cooperative of America Program

Purchasing Cooperative of America and All Things Contracted Program

February 21, 2018

Triple S, All Things Contracted and Purchasing Cooperative of America

The partnership of All Things Contracted and Triple S has been awarded two contracts with the Purchasing Cooperative of America (PCA), administered by Region 3 Education Services Center and an agency of the state of Texas.  This provides you with a fantastic new opportunity to work with local cleaning product distributors who are committed to your success while taking advantage of special pricing!

The two contracts that have been awarded to the Triple S-All Things Contracted partnership are:

  • Paper and Paper Products (PCA 3-182-17); and
  • Conservation & Efficiency Products & Programs (PCA 3-180-17) 

While the agreements are specific to paper and “green” products, PCA has approved Triple S to make all products available and you are, therefore, able to take advantage of their full catalog with negotiated pricing.

Why is this partnership and contract award so valuable? – The full RFP/bidding process can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating to administer.  Working with a purchasing cooperative like PCA enables you to meet your responsibility to conduct a competitive bid while avoiding the cost and hassle!

Who is PCA?  - PCA is a full service purchasing cooperative that is administered by Region 3 Education Service Center and an agency of the state of Texas.  They utilize an open, transparent and robust RFP/RFQ process to select their awarded contractors and its contracts are applicable in all 50 states. 

Who is Triple S? – Triple S is a nationwide distribution network that prides itself on bringing lowest total cost solutions to facilities and organizations.  With more than 120 Members across the U.S., Triple S Members combine local, community focus with national capability.  Offering a full line of cleaning, safety, environmental services and other products, Triple S Members are here to partner with you in creating a clean, healthy and safe indoor environment.

Who is All Things Contracted, LLC? – All Things Contracted (ATC) is the marketing entity responsible for servicing PCA contracts 3-180-17 and 3-182-17. 

How exactly do I use the contract and take advantage of the partnership?

Fortunately, the process is straightforward.

1. Join PCA.  Membership is free and the application process is easy.  You can access membership information and an application HERE
(Note: School District Customers in the state of Texas and other entities in Texas and in some other states may also be required to complete/submit an Interlocal Contract available HERE).

2. Review the competitive bidding requirements that apply in your specific situation.  Some states maintain a list of approved purchasing cooperatives.  In such states, you may submit a letter requesting that you be permitted to use the PCA contract.  A sample letter is available HERE. Other states require an Interlocal agreement or other documents.  That said, it is crucial to fully understand the exact requirements that apply.                        

3. Identify your specific needs and review the negotiated pricing that applies.  The full Triple S catalog and PCA pricing is available HERE.  You should then work with the local Triple S Member to ensure that they can provide exactly what you are looking for!

4. Issue a Purchase Order which specifically references PCA contract 3-182-17 and/or 3-180-17.  By including these contract numbers on your Purchase Orders, you will be prepared for any possible future audits.

5. Thank you for your order!  You will be pleased with the outstanding customer service that Triple S Members are known for, as they build a true partnership with you!

Are there administrative fees and what are the reporting requirements? – While PCA is only able to operate by collecting fees from awarded contractors, the PCA customer will never pay fees!  As noted, membership is complimentary and the pricing has been negotiated to ensure your receive the greatest value. 

How do I get more information? – Triple S is committed to working with you on this extremely exciting opportunity.  For more information, please contact Dan Wagner, Vice President of Strategic Accounts, at; 630-440-0800.

Program/Partnership Resources – Triple S is here to work with you to make this process as easy as possible.  The following is a full list of resources that you may need.