Markets Served

Markets Served


Products + Processes = Better Outcomes

Nowhere are expectations for hygiene higher than in the healthcare industry. We understand it takes more than providing cleaning products to keep your facility clean. Using the correct products and procedures means better outcomes. Whether your facility is a stand-alone walk-in treatment facility, or a large multi-building campus, we can help you:

Train your staff
Manage staff turnover
Provide solutions to reducing healthcare acquired infections (HAIs)
Improve patient outcomes and HCAHPS scores
Help you prepare for JCAHO audits
Improve bed turnover

Group Purchasing Organizations

Bridging the Gap



Utilize our expertise to implement the correct procedures, products and solutions for your school to reduce absenteeism and promote a safe, healthy environment. From hand hygiene programs and disinfectants to prevent virus transmission or programs to reduce asthma, our Triple S Distributors know how to balance cost with effective total facility maintenance. Couple the knowledge with the ability to implement staff training and monitoring systems, and you'll understand why so may schools look to Triple S as their partner of choice.


Achieve Workloading Program

Building Service Contractors

Our business is your business, and your success is our success.

Triple S partners with Building Service Contractors across the United States providing valuable training/education, unique cost effective solutions and the expertise to implement programs in the facilities being serviced. From equipment ROI calculators, wall charts, flip cards, check lists to our Achieve Pro facility workloading software your local Triple S distributor will help you build revenues AND profit. 

Rely on Triple S to have site specific knowledge and expertise. Our experienced field consultants are comfortable in schools, higher education, acute care, long term care, class A office, manufacturing and everything in between. Whether it's green cleaning initiatives, reducing total facility maintenance costs, low impact environmental cleaning or monitoring for peak efficiency, Triple S is your valued resource.



Jaguar 26R

CleanSpec Monitoring


First impression to lasting impressions.

From the moment a guest steps on your sidewalk to when they exit the building the goal is to provide a clean, safe environment.   And from an operational standpoint to provide this environment in the most efficient manner possible.  Triple S and our distributors have the solutions to meet both goals.  We offer these with an eye toward reducing overall facility maintenance costs through best practices and labor efficiencies:

  • hard floor expertise to provide long lasting durable finishes 
  • non-slip certified floor care options
  • carpet care programs
  • commercial grade, non-toxic odor elimination programs for a variety of surfaces and room types
  • Green initiatives to reduce environmental impacts including waste/water reduction and green products
  • training and education to improve “room ready” times with improved cleanliness levels
  • the most expansive brand in the industry ranging from matting, can liners, wipes, aerosols, disinfectants and finishes
Regional distribution centers amplify the ability of our distributors to implement at your facility.  Between distributor warehouses and distribution centers our turn-around times are one of the best in the industry


Clean, safe and reliable.

Triple S and our distributors work with airports, train and bus stations and mass transit systems nationwide setting high levels for these three key metrics.  Studies show repeat visits and usage of transportation systems are strongly impacted by the impressions of cleanliness, safety and reliability. 

Manufacturing & Industrial

With a broad range of solutions Triple S and our distributors know how to combine productivity with a safe work environment.

With specifically designed products and the education, training and processes to use them correctly, Triple S is focused on saving facility dollars through labor reduction.

From warehouse floor solutions, cafeterias and break rooms to restroom and safety closets, here is sampling of Triple S capabilities:

  • efficient floor cleaning equipment, service and repair
  • durable warehouse and hard floor care solutions 
  • cleaning chemical dispensers for cost effective hygiene programs
  • a wide array of cleaners, degreasers and other chemicals suitable for your applications
  • skin care products for front office and manufacturing areas
  • gloves and personal protective equipment
  • wall charts, flip cards, labeling and signage available in multiple languages
  • SSS EarthCare(r) suite of environmentally preferred products

Navigator Dilution Control System

Navigator Dilution Control System

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners

Matting Solutions: Buying vs. Renting