5 Tips to Handle Chemicals Safely

5 Tips to Handle Chemicals Safely

According to the U.S. Poison Control Centers, cleaning products are responsible for nearly 10% of all toxic exposures per year. Preventing risks and staying informed on how to handle chemicals correctly can be a great safety benefit for individuals and companies. Here are 5 tips you can use to increase chemical safety:

  1. Read All Labels

It is important to educate yourself on what is used in the products you buy. Reading all labels before making a purchasing decision can help you avoid unnecessary harmful chemicals keeping you and everyone around you safe and healthy. It is also a good idea to reach all product labeling prior to working with the chemicals so you are aware of proper instructions and safety protocols.

  1. Wear Protection When Dealing with Chemicals

When advised, personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and eyewear can help you avoid absorbing any harmful chemicals into the skin or inhaling them into the lungs.

  1. Proper Use of Products

When used properly, most conventional cleaning products are relatively safe. Just about all chemical products come with a safety data sheet. Follow all recommended instructions on how to properly handle, use and store cleaning chemicals.

Keep chemicals in a well-ventilated area away from HVAC intake vents to help prevent fumes from spreading to places they should not be.  Be aware of your product’s shelf life, so the chemicals being used are safe and effective.

  1. Install Safety Signs

Installing safety signs to convey possible chemical dangers is a very important step for keeping staff and anyone else handling chemical cleaning products safe. Remember, not everyone speaks the same language, so using signs with multiple languages or pictures can be a good way to make sure everyone understands the precautions related to chemical products.

  1. Never Mix Products or Containers

Make sure that any products that are placed in containers have the containers clearly labeled with secondary product labels. These secondary labels are available from your product distributor. Be sure that any secondary container you are using is ONLY used for one chemical product. You should also never mix products together. Although this seems obvious, uncontrolled mixing can lead to the formation of toxic gases that can be extremely harmful to anyone that encounters them.

Failure to recognize and comply with these safety tactics can lead to negative effects on facilities and staff.

Illness among employees can increase company costs and decrease company resources. Improper procedures could also damage the building or items in the facility. Furthermore, improper handling and disposal of chemical products can cause accidents and leaks into the environment resulting in considerable legal consequences.

When it comes to chemicals it is always better to be safe than sorry. Making sure you and your staff are educated on chemical risk prevention is a huge first step towards eliminating future problems.

Remember that your local Triple S Distributor offers more than just products. Each Distributor is fully committed to cleaning education and safety. To learn more about scheduling a training at your facility, reach out to us!


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