New Educational Floor Pad Videos Now on SSS Mobile Coach App!

New Educational Floor Pad Videos Now on SSS Mobile Coach App!

We have added new educational videos to the Floor Care section of the Triple S Mobile Coach App! These videos will highlight the capabilities of the SSS Full Cycle Line as well as unique Triple S floor pads showcasing where they can be used, how they work and how to get the best results.

Full Cycle Videos:
The Full Story on SSS Full Cycle - An overview video that goes into how Full Cycle pads are created using recycled materials and how those same materials biodegrade to reduce waste and aid green initiatives.
SSS Full Cycle - Methane Recycling: A quick summary of the renewable energy benefits that come as a direct result of Full Cycle pad's unique bio-degradation process.



SSS Floor Pad Videos Tutorials:
SSS Mean Green Scrub Pad: Shows users how to utilize the SSS Mean Green Scrub Pad for getting into cracks or deep grout lines on uneven surfaces.

SSS Merlin Restoration Pad: Shows users how the SSS Merlin Restoration Pad's uses for making VCT, terrazzo, tile or stone floors shine.

SSS Eco 1000 Maroon Strip Pad: Shows users how to utilize the SSS Eco1000 pad for stripping floors either wet or dry offering a chemical free alternative when stripping. 

SSS Twister Pads: Introduces viewers to the Twister cleaning system consisting of floor pads with microscopic diamonds which clean and polish the floor mechanically instead of using chemicals.

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