Be a Wood Floor MVP

Be a Wood Floor MVP

Don't call the rookies. Call the all-stars. Watch our video on how we can make you look like the MVP of Wood Floors and get your floors ready for the Hall of Fame!

Your local Triple S Member is available to coach you step by step so you can get the most out of your wood floors. Triple S Members are trained, willing and able to help your janitorial staff with the combination of innovative products, and years of experience. Triple S Members don't just drop a box at your door: They work with you to get you the results you want for finishing, recoating, stripping.

Only Triple S Members have access to products like SSS NewAge Double Overtime, the top sport finish for wood floor durability and appearance. A premium two-component waterborne wood floor finish, Double Overtime is specifically formulated for use on wood floors, providing a tough, high-build urethane finish. The quick drying time gets your floor back in play quickly. Double Overtime is made with a low odor formulation to makes sure every aspect of recoating your wood floor is a slam dunk.

Show your team you're the MVP of Wood Floors. Call a Member today, and make your gym look like it belongs in the Wood Floor Hall of Fame.

Contact us, or find your local Triple S distributor for more information. 

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