Can Hand Sanitizer Decreased Absenteeism?

Can Hand Sanitizer Decreased Absenteeism?

Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced world nobody has time to be sick. We all have full time jobs to work, schools to attend or families to take care of. What can be even more tough is juggling all your daily tasks while trying to remain healthy. We often become so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle that we overlook germs inhabiting out offices, universities or homes. While troublesome for the everyday person, germs can add up to be an even bigger problem for somebody in charge of running a business.

Absenteeism and reduced productivity due to communicable illness are major problems for national economies worldwide. Large community studies in Europe and the United States have shown that communicable diseases, such as the common cold, have led to millions of lost days at work and school each year.

One study, intended to measure productivity loss due to the common cold, found that each cold experienced by a working adult caused an average of 8.7 lost work hours. This equates to around $16.6 billion dollars of on-the-job productivity loss. If you run a business this is a scary number and may lead you to wonder what can be done to prevent your employees from adding to this number.

One step in the right direction is hand sanitizer!

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers fight against many types of germs, bacteria and viruses. The transmission of some flu-like diseases can be prevented by using hand sanitizers.

According to the results of a perspective, intervention-controlled study, the use of hand disinfectants at the workplace significantly reduced the number of episodes of employee absenteeism.

Participants of this study were randomly selected into one of two groups. Group one received alcohol-based hand sanitizer at work and was instructed to use it five times or more a day. Group two was the control group and did not receive anything.

The results of this study showed that the group receiving hand sanitizer experienced fewer instances of acute communicable illnesses, such as the common cold. Participants in this group also experienced fewer symptoms of high fevers and coughing.

Although proper hand hygiene is not the only solution to combat employee absenteeism, making hand sanitizer readily available for your employees is a huge step forward to help combat the costs of lost productivity.

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