Congratulations Triple S Warehouse Certification Graduates!

Congratulations Triple S Warehouse Certification Graduates!

Triple S would like to congratulate our 2016 Warehouse Certification graduates! The Warehouse Certification is part of the Triple S Operations Certification series taught by Jason Bader of the Distribution team. The yearlong series covers various aspects of optimizing operations including, purchasing, warehousing and inventory management.

The Warehousing Certification demonstrates the recipients knowledge of the optimal processes, controls and measures in warehouse management. The following individuals now hold this distinction:

Tim Brewer, Lansing Sanitary Supply (Lansing, MI)

Jeff Childs, Anderson Paper and Packaging (Ferndale, WA)

Sean Collins, Treat’s Solutions (Oklahoma City, OK)

Ryan Davis, House Sanitary Supply (Ventura, CA)

Matt Fowler,  House Sanitary Supply (Ventura, CA)  

Robin Dorschner, Tartan Supply (Brookfield, WI)

Matt Mundt,  Tartan Supply (Brookfield, WI) 

Nick Fields, Valley Janitor Supply (Hamilton, OH)

Greg Freeman, Supreme Industrial Products (Mansfield, MA)

Felicia Silver, Supreme Industrial Products (Mansfield, MA)

Tim Herekamp, Brown Janitor Supply (Little Rock, AR)

Amanda Kent, North Alabama Chemical (Decatur, AL)

Jane Lopez, High Point Sanitary Solutions (Houston, TX)

Lydia Nguyen, Empire Cleaning Supply (Montebello, CA)

John Parrott, Kenway Distributors (Louisville, KY)

Barry Kammerdiener, Kenway Distributors (Louisville, KY)

Matt Riegg, GORM Inc. (Ontario, CA)

Jackie Smith, Mont’s Paper and Packaging (Verona, MS)

Casey Smith, Smith Supply (Temple, TX)

Justin Summerfield, Pro Clean Supply (Modesto, CA)

Manny Zavala, Chemcraft Industries (Chicago, IL)

Once again, we congratulate these individuals on their distinction! 

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