GenEon Technologies Named Triple S Supplier

GenEon Technologies Named Triple S Supplier

Triple S is pleased to announce that GenEon Technologies, San Antonio, TX, has been approved as a Triple S Supplier. As part of the agreement, GenEon named Triple S the exclusive U.S. independent distributor for the Jan-San channel. GenEon products will be co-branded with Triple S to show this distinction. Each unit will also bare the EarthCare logo, indicating they have met Triple S standards of eco-friendliness and efficiency.

The Triple S-GenEon line will feature a series of systems that allow users to create cleaning, degreasing, sanitizing, and disinfection solutions on-site. The products are environmentally sustainable, using only natural renewable resources, and do not generate a waste stream.

GenEon recently received EPA registration for its GenEon TRIO Rx On-Site Generating System, and GenEon Mineral Electrolyte as a one-step broad spectrum disinfectant for hard, non-porous surfaces, and non-critical care equipment. The EPA registration is the first of its type for this technology. In addition, TRIO Rx has the following third party certifications: NSF, TURI, ETL, and GRA.

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