Getting to Smart, Safe Stairs: A Step-by-Step Story

Getting to Smart, Safe Stairs: A Step-by-Step Story

Last week, a local Connecticut school was in a bit of a hole… literally. The school had some concrete that had seen better days, thanks to potholes and water damage. Aside from being unsightly, the cracked concrete also posed a safety hazard for students, parents and staff.

Originally the school had considered contract work to fix the issue. However, they soon discovered that such work would have cost over $300,000 to rip and replace their concrete. Luckily, they reached out to their local Triple S Member for a second opinion.

Triple S Member Allston Supply was able to send a few of their experts to the school and show them how they can utilize their own janitorial and maintenance team to handle the repairs using the AQUA Tite Elephant Armor Mortar system. The system was recommended due to its extreme durability and waterproof formula. The product can also be stained or colored to match the surrounding surface.

After a little training from the experts, the school was able to bring their estimated $300,000 of repairs down to less than 1/3 of the cost, all while utilizing their own staff. The work was performed all in less than an hour. That meant less disruption for their campus and their maintenance staff.


Allston Supply also scheduled a follow up visit to ensure that everything was performing to the schools expectations. Just another example of how Triple S Members don’t just offer products, they offer solutions to get jobs done.

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