How to Build Your Own Janitor Cart

How to Build Your Own Janitor Cart

Don't just read about a cleaning revolution: create the one that's right for you. Our Dock n' Lock technology is so incredible that we couldn't just describe it, we had to show you.

Our interactive tool allows you to build a SSS Dock 'n Lock Janitor Cart, then mix and match with the different components we have available. Whether you need the versatility of an Earthcare PCR Duo Dolly, or the cleaning efficiency of the HD Wringer Bucket Combo, simply check the box next to the description to start building your cart. 

Click the image to get started, and the links below to learn more.

Learn More...

·        SSS Dock'n Lock System Literature (PDF) - see how the Dock'n Lock connect component reduces labor and improves worker productivity

·        SSS Commercial Cleaning Equipment (PDF) - 2-page catalog sheet highlighting all items

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