How to Protect Your Cleaning Staff

How to Protect Your Cleaning Staff

Every day, custodial and maintenance workers take on the duty of keeping facilities safe and healthy. This responsibility benefits not just the buildings themselves, but also all the individuals who enter that building. It is a job that is especially important during cold and flu season. In the past we have shared some helpful tips for how to eliminate the spread of cold and flu germs, but it is equally important to protect the people at the front lines of flu prevention. 
















A carpenter wouldn’t show up to a job without tools like a hammer and nails, so your cleaning staff should be equally prepared and protected while doing their job. Here are a few tips to ensure your custodial staff is protected from spreadable illnesses like the flu.

  • Encourage personnel to get flu shots. Making a dedicated effort to push custodial staff (and all other employees) to receive the flu shot each year can be a simple first step to fighting off the flu. Making sure those who come in contact with these types of germs the most do not become infected can be the best way to halt the spread of illnesses.
  • Implementing a proper cleaning program that is universal with all of your staff can help reduce any cleaning mistakes that could lead to cross-contamination. Educate your staff on the correct way to clean a surface and the differences between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.
  • Provide workers with all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). From gloves and boots to eye protection, your staff should be knowledgeable and equipped for any and all types of hazards that may be involved with their work. For a little extra information on protective equipment and their correct uses check out our PPE blog.
  • Implement hand-washing protocol. When arriving at work, one of the first things custodians should do is wash their hands to remove any dirt or bacteria they may have carried in with them. Additionally, they should be encouraged to wash their hands often especially before eating and after using the restroom. Providing facilities with hand sanitizing stations can also significantly decrease the spread of germs.
  • Encourage sick workers to stay home. Sick employees not only spread germs and bacteria through a facility, but they can also become sicker. Custodial staff are essential for a healthy facility but even they might need to take a sick day.


Implementing these tips into your facilities' cleaning program can make a huge difference, especially during cold and flu season. Keeping your staff healthy should be a top priority for all companies. When your cleaning crew is happy, healthy and on their A-game everyone is positively affected.

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