How to Remove Tricky Sticky Sticker Residue

How to Remove Tricky Sticky Sticker Residue

Stickers can be a cheap and fun way for children to turn one of their favorite items into a personal piece of art. From water bottles to doors and windows, kids love personalizing with stickers. Unfortunately, those stickers don’t always end up where they were meant to go, leaving behind residue that does not come off with traditional cleaning methods. So, what do you do when sticker residue takes over your home?

Carpets and Area Rugs

If you have sticker residue on your carpet, removing it can cause a difficult challenge. Depending on how strong the sticker adhesive is, you could easily end up pulling out some of the fibers in the carpet along with the sticker if you’re not careful. Although your first response might be to try to tug the sticker as hard as you can and hope for the best, it is always best to be patient and take a more informed approach. Following these three simple steps could be a good first call to action for stuck on sticker residue.

  1. Check a section of your carpet for colorfastness
  2. Pretreat the stain with a carpet pretreat solution
  3. Use a portable carpet cleaner or an upright carpet cleaner and the appropriate upright or portable formula on the stain

If these three steps are not enough to get the job done here are some additional measures you can take to save your carpet or area rug.

  1. Check a section of your carpet for colorfastness
  2. Blot a little bit of cold water on the sticker residue
  3. Mix ¼ teaspoon of rubbing alcohol with 1 cup of lukewarm water and spray the mess
  4. Use a brush, sponge or cloth to gently work the solution into the residue
  5. Pick up what you can of the stain
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as needed
  7. Spray the area with just water when sticker residue is removed
  8. Finish cleaning the area by going over it with a portable carpet cleaner

Solid Surfaces

More frequently than carpets and rugs, stickers love finding their way onto flat surfaces such as floors, glass windows and doors. I’m sure most people have had this happen in their lives and wasted hours trying to peel all the residue off with their fingernails. Since everybody hates doing that, we have some quick tips to help make your lives easier.

If you have stickers that are attached to your floor you can try using a steam mop to loosen the sticker before peeling it off. The steam will loosen the sticker without damaging the surface and make it much easier for the sticker to peel free. If this doesn’t work for you, we recommend a flat scraper tool which is designed to remove tough stuck on messes. Depending on the surface you are working on make sure you take your time and are careful in order to not scratch or damage your surfaces. If you have to remove a sticker from your glass windows or any glass surfaces and are afraid of scratching them you can try to first moisten the area with a damp cloth or rag, apply an acetone-based varnish remover and gently rub away at the area. When all the glue and paper is gone make sure to immediately wipe the area down with hot soapy water.

Hopefully this information can be useful to you or someone in your life who has spent way too long picking off unwanted stickers and sticker residue from their car window, floor or any other surfaces where they are no longer wanted. The battle against tricky sticky sticker residue has been won!


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