Introducing the New Alliance Disinfection System

Introducing the New Alliance Disinfection System

SSS Alliance Disinfecting System - (Check Out Our Videos on the System) 
By combining electrostatic sprayer technology with our exceptional SSS disinfectants, we have created the SSS Alliance Disinfecting System. The system allows for faster, and better application of our high performing disinfectants that offer fast kill claims against common bacteria, and viruses including norovirus. Due to the high number of flu and illness outbreaks in schools this year, this system is ideal for this setting along with gym facilities, healthcare and offices.

What is Electrostatic Spraying?
One of the biggest challenges that cleaning professionals face when disinfecting is transfer efficiency. A surface can't be disinfected appropriately if the chemcial you are using doesn't fully cover the area.

By using electricity to charge the solution you are using, these charged droplets will repel one another as they are sprayed. That means when they are setting on a surface, they will be electrically drawn like magnets to areas not already covered with solution.

This results in an exceptional coverage as well as the ability for the mist to "wrap" around a surface making disinfection faster and more efficent than traditonal methods.

What Can You Expect from SSS Alliance?

The Alliance System offers are a great tool to apply cleaning chemicals, odor eliminators, sanitizers, disinfectants, and pesticides quickly in classrooms, patient rooms, daycare, cruise ships, and many other places. The positive charge created by the electrostatic sprayer causes a natural attraction between the spray mist and negatively charged surfaces which leads to more uniform coverage including hidden surfaces. According to industry research, application is 70% faster and chemical use is reduced by 65% than by a traditional sprayer. Get the job done quicker using less chemical supporting a lowest total cost solution proposition

Additional Information

Alliance Disinfecting System Literature (CS-889)


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