Introducing SSS Tempo Piezo Air Care System

Introducing SSS Tempo Piezo Air Care System

Triple S is pleased to announce the newest technology in air care, the SSS Tempo Piezo Air Care System.  This new choice in air care utilizes Piezo Technology to deliver longer continuous fragrance and better air care at a lower cost. Inside the Tempo dispenser, a ceramic piezo disc vibrates as electricity passes through. This propels the ultra-fine Tempo fragrance particles into the room. The particles are only one micron in size and will stay airborne up to two hours. Your customers will appreciate the longer fragrance bloom, and elimination of the fragrance spikes familiar with metered aerosol systems.

Signature Fragrance Refills
SSS Tempo Fragrance Refills comprise of safer chemical formulations than traditional aerosol sprays, with lower, no added VOC. Four premium fragrances are available with great top notes that provide a strong initial fragrance, and middle and base notes that provide lasting fragrance. Choose from Lime Twist (#08903), Melon Mania (#08904), Magnificent Mango (#08905), or Mountain Blast (#08906).

Lower Cost-in-Use
It's all about less! Each 4-oz fragrance refill is equal to two 7-oz aerosol refills. Less manufacturing resources, less packaging, less labor for refills, and less cost all add up to lower cost-in-use, a great value proposition to present to your customer.

SSS Synchronized Scents
Get a total air care solution with a single scent. SSS Tempo is part of the Synchronized Scents Air Care Program, which feature coordinated fragrances through several diffrent systems. Learn more.

Two Great Dispenser Options
The SSS Tempo Standard Air Care Dispenser (#08901) can easily be set to spray every 5, 10, or 15 minutes. The dispenser's indicator light blinks green when operating, blinks red when the refill needs replacing, and goes dark when the batteries need replacing. Spray covers up to 8,000 cu. ft.

The more advanced SSS Tempo XT Programmable Air Care Dispenser (#08902) permits customized start and stop options. Its LED clock is set to 24-hour military time to ensure accuracy, and may be programmed for either 5 or 7-day service. Spray intervals may be set from 1 to 60 per hour, allowing more control of the fragrance delivery. Spray covers up to 18,000 cu. ft.

SSS Tempo Literature (CS-166)

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Tempo Dispenser Choices
Tempo System Cost-in-Use Benefits
Tempo Synchronized Scents

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