Introducing SSS/GenEon On-Site Generation Systems

Introducing SSS/GenEon On-Site Generation Systems

Triple S is happy to announce that the SSS/GenEon On-Site Generation (OSG) Systems are now available in all RDC locations. Triple S has partnered with GenEon as the exclusive U.S. independent distributor for these unique products in the Jan-San channel. Each OSG system has met the EarthCare standards of eco-friendliness and efficiency. The SSS/GenEon Trio RX product has also been registered by the EPA as a one-step broad spectrum disinfectant for hard, non-porous surfaces, and non-critical care equipment, the first of its type for this technology. In addition, TRIO Rx has the following third party certifications: NSF, TURI, ETL, and GRA.


How the OSG System Works

The system works by combining regular tap water with one of the SSS/GenEon Catalysts using one of the OSG systems. The generator then uses blended electro chemical activation to charge the water with the catalyst, creating a solution. Once the solution is generated, it can be dispensed wherever needed using the SSS/Geneon Mist applicator. 

All SSS/GenEon products are environmentally sustainable, utilize only natural renewable resources, and do not generate a waste stream. The solutions they provide to users are completely safe and all natural.

SSS-GenEon in the News!

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