New SSS Astoria and Astoria Select Towel and Tissues!

New SSS Astoria and Astoria Select Towel and Tissues!

Triple S is pleased to introduce our new SSS Astoria and Astoria Select Towel and Tissue program. We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on the new line at the Clean Team Exhibit & Conference and are excited to share it with you!

This new line was developed to provide you with products that meet your everyday towel and tissue needs, while still providing you the lowest total cost solutions for your facility. The line consists of a proprietary towel system under the Astoria Select brand and universal towel and tissue systems under the Astoria brand.

Astoria Towels & Tissue – Cost effective products for daily use
Astoria products ensure everyday towel and tissue needs are met by offering both quality and cost-effective options. Astoria Roll Towels, Kitchen Towels and Bathroom Tissues offer the right combination of quality, absorbency and durability. Our universal line offers 8" white and kraft hardwound roll towels, bath tissue, jumbo roll tissue and kitchen roll towel. Dispensers include SSS hardwound towel dispensers in both electronic and mechanical touch-free, and a jumbo roll tissue dispenser. 

Astoria Select - The Lowest Total Cost Solution for innovative facilities
Astoria Select Roll Towel dispenser systems, extra long roll towels, and efficient designs translate to fewer roll replacements, more productive maintenance staff and a better customer experience. These dispensers provide controlled dispensing so overall consumption is reduced, resulting in fewer replacement purchases. The high quality, soft and absorbent 1000 ft. towel provides a great hand drying experience with less chance of run outs, which influences a positive overall customer experience, leading to repeat business.

Learn more about what SSS Astoria can do for your facility!

Astoria Select Intro Video
Astoria Towel & Tissue Literature
Astoria Select Towel & Tissue Literature


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