Not All Mats Are Created Equal!

Not All Mats Are Created Equal!

Entrance mats are a practical way to greet customers at your facility. A quality entrance mat system provides businesses an environment that is safer, healthier and overall more attractive to employees, customers, patients, students and guests.

It is easy to understand why an entrance mat is important for just about any organization, however this does not mean all mats are created equal.

Inferior products tend to curl at the edges or slide around on the floor resulting in a tripping hazard and work against the safety benefit that a quality mat should be able to offer.

Some mats do not perform well at effectively protecting your entrance from germs and contaminants. With this in mind, how do you know if you are making the right choice when it comes to purchasing an entrance mat?

That’s where your local Triple S Distributor can help!

One of the primary purposes of a ThermoGrip™ mat is to prevent germs and unwanted bacteria from entering the building. Your Triple S Distributor can help you find specialty mats, such as the Crown Matting Technologies line of ThermoGrip™ Antimicrobial Floor Mats. These mats, which include the Marathon™, Tire-Track™, Oxford Elite™, Oxford™ and Dust-Star™ wiper mats, have an extremely large range of benefits that many other mats lack.

ThermoGrip™ entrance mats include a red backing infused with “BactiStop”, an antimicrobial agent that prevents the development of germs and mold around and underneath your mat. This can improve the overall air quality inside a building, lessen the amount of air-borne bacteria and keep people healthier.

Safety is another a huge factor when looking for an entrance mat. ThermoGrip™ mats were specifically designed to uphold high volumes of foot traffic for retail stores, hotels, airports, education, healthcare and government industries. Nitrile rubber is also formulated to resist possible damages causes by food, sugar, oil, alcohol and more.

Tripping and falling hazards can be a huge liability for any business or workplace, so finding a mat that will not slip and slide under high pressure is crucial. ThermoGrip™ backing technology provides the mat with a non-slip surface that has been tested and approved by the NFSI Certification, giving its customers and all others who use them peace of mind that their safety is protected.

Durable vinyl and Nitrile rubber ensure the mat is crack resistant, even in the harshest of temperatures. The Nitrile rubber is an important component for entryway mats since it is both flexible and strong to prevent the edging from becoming warn and brittle in any type of weather. Preventing your mat from curling preserves the life of the mat saving you money and frustration.

Choosing an entrance mat can be a difficult task considering all the different options available including scraper/wiper mats and regular wiper mats. Choose the mat that provides superior safety and technology benefits to just about anyone who is looking for a quality entrance mat. Save yourself hassle and stress: talk to your local Triple S Distributor and try the ThermoGrip™ difference.

Thermogrip™ is available on the Marathon™, Tire-Track™, Oxford Elite™, Oxford™ and Dust-Star™ wiper mats from Crown Matting Technologies. Contact your local Triple S distributor for pricing and more information.

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