Procedures to Become a Cleaning Pro: Floor & Carpet Cleaning

Procedures to Become a Cleaning Pro: Floor & Carpet Cleaning

In our last blog we went over proper procedure and protocol for surface cleaning and disinfecting. Now that you are a pro when it comes to cleaning germy surfaces, it’s time to learn about how to effectively clean floors and carpets.


Floor Cleaning

The treatment for cleaning and caring for floors is very different from those of surface cleaning. It is important to keep floors clean to prevent injury, preserve the life and beauty of an expensive floor and remove stains and dirt from the floor. These 5 steps should guide you in a proper floor cleaning procedure.

  1. Fill a bucket with water and add cleaning solution according to its label instructions.

Pro Tip: SSS Pro Series Power Play Neutral Floor Cleaner is extremely easy to use and is perfect for cleaning vinyl tile, sealed wood, linoleum, schools, hospitals and offices. It is designed to be gentile on a floor’s gloss and film and will never leave your floors with a soapy haze.

  1. Place clean microfiber mop head in the cleaning solution.
  2. Mob each room’s floor until it appears clean. Change the microfiber mop head when it appears dirty. Bathroom floors should be mopped last.
  3. Place used microfiber mop heads in a closed laundry basket for laundering.
  4. If body fluids are present, disinfect floors after cleaning.


Carpet Cleaning

Unlike floors and surfaces, cleaning carpets are relatively simple and require less of a process and more of an explanation. Carpets should be vacuumed daily or more frequently if needed to pick up spills of food and other particles that could set into the fibers of the carpet and leave stains. Carpets should also be steam cleaned every 3 months, or as needed. Steam cleaning works by spraying hot water into the carpet at high pressures and immediately vacuuming out the dirt and water. Steam cleaning a carpet can revive even the most heavily soiled carpets.


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