Procedures to Become a Cleaning Pro: Surface Cleaning

Procedures to Become a Cleaning Pro: Surface Cleaning

With cleaning protocols becoming more and more strict and the emphasis on a clean and healthy environment grows stronger, it is important that people become aware of how to properly clean and disinfect common high touch areas.

Below are steps and procedures for the most effective and safe cleaning of those germy high touch surface areas.

Surface Cleaning and Disinfection

Surfaces that commonly acquire bacteria and need constant attention are desks, sinks, door and cabinet handles, light switches and toilets. Keeping these frequently touched areas clean can be difficult if you don’t know the proper cleaning and disinfection procedure. Follow these 6 steps to keep surfaces, and the people who come in contact with them, clean and healthy.

  1. Most cleaning products have some effect on human skin it is important to wear protection. Put on chemical-resistant gloves to avoid any chance of irritation.
  2. Spray or squirt solution on a microfiber cloth or disposable paper towel and apply to the surface that you are intending to clean.

Pro Tip: A product specifically formulated to use on hard, nonporous surfaces such as shower stalls, shower doors and curtains, bathtubs and glazed tiles, tables, chairs, desks, workstations, washable walls, cabinets and doorknobs is SSS Pro Series ACE 64 Disinfectant. This product is ideal for use in hospitals, schools, nursing homes and commercial institutions.

  1. Wipe or scrub the surface until all visible dirt or soil is removed.
  2. Use a new damp cloth or paper towel to rinse over the surface.
  3. Allow surface to air dry or dry with a new clean cloth if the surface needs to be used immediately.
  4. Dispose of soiled towels or place washable cloths in a closed laundry basket for laundering.


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