Steer Clear of Spring and Summer Germs

Steer Clear of Spring and Summer Germs

We have officially made it out of another long harsh winter. The sun is out, temperatures are warm and summer adventures are about to begin.

For most people germs are the last thing on the mind. The fact is, germs do not have a seasonal preference and love to cause havoc in the spring and summer months just as they do in the winter.

Being aware of some common areas where bacteria thrives during these hotter months can be the difference between an infection or virus casting a shadow on a great beach day, or a safe summer in the sun.

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

Pools and hot tubs can be extremely unhygienic and even dangerous for swimmers. According to a 2002 CDC study of 22,131 public pool inspections, over half (54%) found one or more pool code violation that could lead to harm of the swimmers who enter it. Although this is a scary statistic, it does not mean you need to avoid all pools and hot tubs this summer. A very important tip to avoid getting sick after a swim is to wash your hands immediately after exiting and shower when possible.

The Playground

Public playgrounds; kids love them, and so do germs. Thousands of people pass by playgrounds each summer unaware of the dangers that could be lurking on the equipment. ABC Network’s "Good Morning America" reported finding over 50 different contained germs and bacteria that could make children very ill, after collecting samples at 60 such facilities around the country. If this data was not enough to prove how dirty playgrounds are, below is a visual representation comparing bacteria forming units on playground equipment to common household items.

The best way for kids to fight playground bacteria is with proper hygiene techniques. Just like after swimming, it is important for people to wash their hands immediately after touching any playground equipment.

Picnic Tables and Grills

Nothing beats an outdoor picnic with family or friends on a nice summer day, but leaving your grill or picnic table outside in the scorching heat could leave them defenseless to an assortment of germs and bacteria.

Raw meats and other cooking materials around a grill and picnic table can expose dinners to bacteria. Small animals, insects and other disease carrying critters are attracted by the smell of the grill and smoke and can easily spread germs around the outdoor areas where you cook and eat.

The most important tips for summertime grilling are clean your grill and eating surfaces after each use and make sure you cover them or store them inside when not in use.

The Spring and Summer seasons can be a great time to soak up the sun. Just make sure you take the necessary actions to ward off the dangerous organisms that hang around during the nicer weather, so you don’t miss out on any great outdoor adventures.


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