Top VS. Bottom Dispensing Sanitation Systems

Top VS. Bottom Dispensing Sanitation Systems

Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. When soap and water are not available, there’s no better option to keep our hands clean than hand sanitizer. Investing in a foam or liquid dispensing sanitation system can insure that your entire facility is practicing effective hand hygiene.


When it comes to choosing a sanitation system it is important to understand the different styles and benefits each one gives. Companies usually make either a top dispensing system or bottom dispensing system. Top dispensing systems, such as the SSS FoamClean dispenser, allows users to see the amount of soap being dispensed. This prevents overuse of the product and could save money in the long run. Another perk of the FoamClean dispenser is that its top dispensing design puts no pressure on the valves and has a no leak guarantee which means your maintenance staff will spend less time checking and refilling dispensers. This product also comes with the option of a customizable window card for advertisement and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles.

If a top dispensing system isn’t quite your style, consider investing in a bottom dispensing system. A popular option for one of these systems is the SSS FoamFresh Luxurious Foam Handwashing System. The FoamFresh handwashing system was engineered with simplicity and efficiency in mind. This system is perfect for schools, doctor’s offices and any other environment where accessibility and safety are of the utmost importance. Children should not have to climb chairs or other potentially dangerous obstacles just to be able to clean their hands, and this is an example of a situation where a bottom dispensing system could eliminate those risks. Bottom dispensing systems also reduce the amount of solution that gets on the dispensing unit resulting in a shorter staff cleaning time.

At this point there should be enough evidence to decide whether a top dispensing system or a bottom dispensing system better fits your needs. Regardless of which system you decide to implement into your life, it is important to remember that both systems can provide great benefits to your health and the health of everyone around you. Don’t rely solely on soap and water to keep your hands clean. Advance your hand hygiene routine with a foam or liquid sanitation dispensing system!



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