Triple S Floor Pads - Green Seal Certified

Triple S Floor Pads - Green Seal Certified

Environmental Innovation Certified by Green Seal®

SSS Full Cycle® floor pads have been certified by Green Seal for environmental innovation and performance.

  • Made with 100% recycled PET and natural fibers, and water based latex, avoiding phenolic based resins.

  • In a controlled test simulating landfill conditions, results showed that Full Cycle® pads biodegraded 92.5% over a time span of 616 days.*

  • End-of-life instructions are provided to market for disposing of used pads to landfills with methane-to-energy collection systems where facilities exist.**

    Demonstrated performance equal to, and in some cases, superior to that of competitive products available in the market.

Green Seal Certified Floor Pads
PT 2000 XHD Stripping Pad
Super Strip 500 Black Floor Pad
Black Stripping Floor Pad
Brown Stripping Floor Pad
Green Scrubbing Floor Pad
Blue Cleaning Floor Pad
Pink Ninja Auto Scrub Cleaning Floor Pad
Gray Auto Scrub Cleaning Floor Pad
Red Spray Buff Floor Pad
White High Lustre Polishing Floor Pad
Tan Buff-Polish Floor Pad 

Buckaroo UHS Burnishing Floor Pad 
Aqua UHS Burnishing Floor Pad
Beige UHS Polythermal Floor Pad

PT 3000 XL UHS Maintenance Floor Pad
Champagne UHS Burnishing Pad
Rejunvenator Remover/Restorer UHS Floor Pad
Natural Lite UHS Burnish Floor Pad

Natural Poly UHS Burnish Pad
Natural Plus Fiber UHS Burnish Floor Pad
Natural Fiber UHS Burnish Floor Pad 
Natural Blue Blend UHS Burnishing Pad 
Natural Extreme UHS Floor Pad
Coconut Pad
Gray Marble Conditioning Pad

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The Green Seal certification offers a great way for environmentally conscious facilities such as schools, universities, hospitals, long-term care and others to showcase their commitment to sustainability. If you'd like to learn more about our newly certified floor pads, contact us or reach out to your local Triple S Member.

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