Triple S Partners with Pure UV Disinfection Systems

Triple S Partners with Pure UV Disinfection Systems

Billerica, MA – Triple S has announced a partnership with Pure UV Disinfection Systems, Lexington, KY to deliver affordable UV-C devices proven to destroy 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens. Recognizing that keeping building occupants, students, and teachers safe is paramount in today’s environment, UV-C technology offers building operators an added layer of protection against the transmission of infection, and supplement regular cleaning and disinfection protocols. Clinical studies have proven customers adding UV-C light to standard infection control programs can reduce bacteria contaminant counts by 88% in comparison to 63% using standard procedures.

Pure UV offers an HVAC air purification system, and mobile surface disinfection systems to meet the needs of schools, healthcare, and all facility types.

For more information contact your local Triple S distributor,, or call 978-667-7900.


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