Two More Ways Customers Use Hyper Speed

Two More Ways Customers Use Hyper Speed

"In the past, we had sold the Carolina Opry almost everything, but we never sold them any glass cleaner. Recently, due to their satisfaction with the Navigator system, we suggested using SSS Navigator #51 Hyper Speed Peroxide Powered Cleaner/Degreaser  as a window cleaning option. Since then, they have used Hyper Speed to clean all of the windows and mirrors in their building. This allowed them to reduce their costs by 20-25% since now they only need 3 Navigator DCS products to clean their building. This has also reduced labor time by 30-60 mins a day! Needless to say, they are extremely happy with the outcome! 

Similarly, a local fire department had been using the Navigator system for a while. They love SSS Hyper Speed Cleaner/Degreaser to clean windows and mirrors, but were looking for an option to clean their trucks, as well. This fire station is right on the beach, so the salt residue was really bad and would cause them to do multi-step cleaning at the station. SSS Hyper Speed has cut this to a 1 step process, removing all the residue by itself.  This has reduced the amount of chemicals used at the fire station from 6  to just 3 through the Navigator DCS. This has saved them 35-40% off their costs, and a provided a 30-40% reduction of labor.

Almost every time we suggest Hyper Speed Cleaner/Degreaser, we get calls and emails from our customers telling us how happy they are with the product and results."

Travis FormyDuval
Genco, Inc.

Myrtle Beach, SC

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