Winterize Your Facility

Winterize Your Facility

It’s that time of year again where facility managers and business owners need to batten down the hatches and prepare for winter weather. Winter storms and freezing temperatures cause a huge hazard and liability to the people in charge of office buildings, schools, healthcare facilities, retail locations and every other building people interact with.

There are many precautions that can be taken in order to decrease winter danger in and around commercial buildings. Below are some important steps you can take to ensure your staff and customers are protected.

Slip and Fall Protection

The risk of slip and fall related injuries increase dramatically during the snowy and icy months of the year. According to a 2014 survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 42,480 work place slip and fall injuries involving ice, sleet or snow. These accidents can lead to huge liabilities for business owners if their facility is not properly equip. Winter is a time for worrying about last minute holiday shopping, not lawsuits.

Ice Melt

One of the most effective products to combat dangerous ice slips is (you guessed it) ice melt. When it comes to choosing the right product there are many factors that should be considered. How fast the product works, if the product will harm the concrete or any other surface it comes in contact with and if it is plant and animal friendly are just a few things to take into consideration. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect ice melt, you’re in luck. Our Members carry a wide variety of products to handle tough conditions, and the expertise to know which one would be best for you. Feel free to reach out to us for more information on any of our ice melting products.

Entranceway and Indoor Care

Floor Matting

Dirt, salt and other winter debris can be tracked from the outside and can cause costly damage to your floors, rugs and furniture. One easy way to avoid this issue is investing proper floor matting. With properly placed matting at an entryway or in an area that experiences heavy foot traffic, facilities can save on labor and replacement expense. Proper winter matting should have a enforced rubber backing and a ridged design like the SSS Defender Scraping and Absorbing Mat. These qualities are meant to trap moisture and dirt below shoe level and stop it from tracking into the building.

Floor Care

For those who still want a little extra protection for your floors in the winter, investing in proper cleaning products and educating your staff on key techniques can be a life saver. Here are some things to be aware of during your winter cleaning sessions:

  • Road salt can scratch and damage even the strongest floors. Vacuum any salt laying around on your floors as a precautionary first step.
  • When it comes to cleaning hard surfaces make sure you use a strong floor cleaner such as SSS Pro Series Propel.
  • Spotting on ceramic, hardwood and vinyl is notorious during the winter time so investing in a quality spot cleaner can keep your floors looking great during these harsh times.
  • Removing shoes at the door is another simple but effective tactic to draw in less of the harmful winter elements into your home.

Many people do not prepare for winter until it is too late and are forced to deal with the consequences. Winterizing a facility is important for both the owner and everyone who enters and exits the building. Following these few tips can be a great start to any winter maintenance program.


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