Triple S Achieve Cleaning Management Workloading Solutions

Triple S offers a suite of software tools to help you workload your facility. Achieve Assistant is an easy-to-use program that allows you to quickly determine how many hours, and how much labor is required to clean your facility. Achieve Pro is a more advanced version and includes more analysis, detailed staffing plans, work assignments and more.

Achieve Assistant Workloading and ROI Calculator

  • An easy-to-use software tool that allows you to determine how many hours, and how many employees are required to clean a facility.
  • Perform simple staffing requirements and provide labor savings analysis.
  • ROI Calculator - Calculates your return on investment when using Triple S floor and carpet care equipment.

Achieve Pro Cleaning Management & Workloading Program

  • A powerful, software tool for developing a complete custodial staffing plan that includes labor, work assignments, inspections, and more.
  • Based on INFORMED Cleaning Management Software.
  • More intensive program; in depth analysis of larger facilities.
  • Multiple Modules included: Space Management, Area Types & Tasks, Labor Estimates, Work Assignments, Inspections, Supplies and Equipment Assessment & Inventory Management.

GHS Training and OSHA Information

GHS stands for the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) adopted GHS to standardize and harmonize the classification and labeling of chemicals to give universally understood warnings to users. GHS affects any company that has hazardous chemicals in the workplace.  Employers with hazardous chemicals must ensure that they have safety data sheets and labels for their exposed workers and that they are trained to handle the chemicals properly. Your local Triple S distributor can assist you with compliance on GHS and other OSHA regulations such as dealing with Bloodborne Pathogens.

Ask us how we can help you with:

·        GHS Compliance

·        Bloodborne Pathogen Compliance 

For more information on GHS, please watch the videos below.

What is GHS?

How to Read GHS Labels

GHS Safety Data Sheets

Infection Control and Management

Whether it’s MRSA, C.diff, or bird flu, Triple S has the products, processes and training to provide the safest outcomes.  A range of disinfectant and hand hygiene programs coupled with our comprehensive training programs delivered by our nationwide network of distributors. Should an infectious event occur, lean on the resources of Triple S, your team of experts, to provide a quick and accurate recommendation.

SSS NexGen EVS Cart

Bridging the Gap Program

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